Calling all young PhD students

Call for Young (18-35 Years) PhD Students to be part of the NDP Review Colloquium

The National Planning Commission (NPC) will convene a two-day National Development Plan (NDP) Review Colloquium, under the theme “Reviewing the NDP to make South Africa a Developmental State” on the review of the National Development Plan (NDP) on 26-27 July 2019 at the University of Johannesburg, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Bunting Road. The Colloquium is a joint initiative of the NPC, the Public Service Commission, the Human Resource Development Council, and the University of Johannesburg.

With 2019 being 25 years into democracy and seven years since the NDP was adopted, the Colloquium will assess the extent to which South Africa is a developmental state, and if it is configured to reduce poverty, unemployment and inequality, articulated in the NDP.

The aim is to ground the concept of a developmental state in the local social reality of South Africa and prevailing challenges and opportunities. The purpose of the NDP Review Colloquium is to assess some of the challenges that are hindering the implementation of the NDP and to identify opportunities to ensure the attainment of the goals for 2030. To ensure a futuristic look in the review of the NDP, the NPC invites young (18 to 35 Years) PhD candidates whose area of study is the NDP and/or the Development State to be part of the colloquium.

Those interested must indicate the titles of their study, and in about 500 words and stress their relevance to the NDP and Developmental State. The applications must be accompanied by a recommendation from the supervisor and the academic institution.

The PhD candidates must their send their CVs to Dr Kefiloe Masiteng, Deputy Secretary of the NPC Secretariat to and must reach her by no later than July 17 2019.