Government alone cannot provide a decent standard of living; it requires determined and measurable actions from all social actors and partners across all sectors in society. The NDP is divided into thirteen chapters that addresses the most pressing challenges facing South Africa and provides solutions to these challenges in the form of proposals and actions. The plan outlines sector specific goals and a vision for South Africa to be achieved by the year 2030.

The following chapters are found in the NDP, representing key proposals and challenges inherent to South Africa:


Vision Statement- Vision 2030

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter One- Policy making in a complex environment

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Two- Demographic Trends

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Three- Economy and Employment

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Four- Economic Infrastructure- the foundation of social and economic development

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Five- Ensuring environmental sustainability and equitable transition to a low- carbon economy

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Six- An integrated and inclusive rural economy

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Seven- Positioning South Africa in the World

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Eight- Transforming human settlement and the national space economy

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Nine- Improving education, training and innovation

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Ten- Promoting health

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Eleven- Social Protection

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Twelve – Building safer communities

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Thirteen- Building a Capable Developmental State

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Fourteen- Fighting Corruption

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfChapter Fifteen- Transforming society and uniting the country


The NDP and its proposals need to be implemented in the correct order over the next 15 years (3 phases), for the achievement of Vision 2030 to become a reality. The NDP calls on all South Africans from all walks of life to join forces, uniting all energies towards the implementation of this plan. This is our plan, our future, let’s make it work!

ndp-2030-our-future-make-it-work_0.pdfNDP 2030 our future make it work